red_pills_bottleRepeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be requested by:

  1. Completing a repeat prescription form and leaving it at reception
  2. Posting in your request slip
  3. Telephoning Dunluce 90204216 (option 1), 24 hours a day
  4. Telephoning Dunmurry 90618153 (select option 1) - 24 hours a day Collection of
  5. Online (please speak to a member of staff to get registered for this service)

Collection of prescriptions that have been ordered can be collected after 1.30pm the 2nd following day (approx 48 hours), with the usual closure exceptions.

WE DO NOT post prescriptions out to patients. 

Please check with your pharmacist about collection/ delivery service of prescriptions.

Uncollected prescriptions are destroyed after 4 weeks.

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